Digital Logistics Provider

Committed to aligning incentives across shipper-carrier transaction

Carggo was created with a singular mission:
to align the incentives of shippers and carriers.
When shipper-carrier relationships are collaborative,
everyone wins.

But that level of collaboration can only occur with a new, disintermediated and algorithmically-based platform — one capable of facilitating transactions that are fair, reliable and transparent.


Independence from the opacity typical of the shipper-carrier relationship.
Technology has forever changed the way we make investments, travel the world and insure ourselves and our valuables. Now technology has the power to transform logistics through disintermediation.

the platform

Carggo’s algorithms are designed for alignment, not arbitrage. Our AI-driven platform automatically adjusts to the needs and preferences of every participating shipper and carrier, giving everyone the industry’s most user-friendly tools for booking, accepting, tracking and documenting loads. Everytime. Guaranteed.

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Rates and availability you can rely on. Simplicity and convenience you will love.

Absolute commitment
to reliability

Instant and fair algorithmically-generated pricing

Intuitive experience

Ultimate transparency

7.5% fixed-rate
service fee

Socially responsible


Carggo platform allows carriers to optimize their assets and select loads that make both dollars and sense.

Fair pricing
with automatic payments

Flexibility to set
and adjust preferences

Optimal efficiency &
resource allocation

Automated check-in & paperless documentation

24/7 live carrier support

Ultimate transparency

The Team

Carggo's team is its core asset. We provide all team members the opportunity to grow along with us. If you are ready to have an impact a $9 trillion global industry then we want to hear from you!

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